Captain Teams

Responsible for designing any and all graphics needed for Dance Marathon, including but not limited to fliers, pamphlets, social media designs, advertisements and event-related graphics. Also responsible for maintaining the cohesive look of the Dance Marathon at UF brand via an official branding guide to ensure that it is both recognizable and sustainable in all design and graphics. Applicants should be familiar with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and/or Photoshop.

This team is also responsible for all of the event photography both during the year and at the event. These applicants should possess their own cameras and ideally be familiar with shooting manual on a DSLR. Photoshop knowledge is not required, but preferred.

Community Events Captains are responsible for organizing and participating in the events leading up to the 26.2 hour Dance Marathon. The highly anticipated events encourage the Gainesville and University of Florida Community to give back to the Kids. Events held prior to Dance Marathon may include a bowling tournament, Kickin' it For the Kids kickball tournament, FT5K race, Family Day at the Zoo and the Dance Marathon kick-off BBQ. Additionally, Community Events Captains organize activities at Dance Marathon including Jailbreak.
Responsible for taking care of the dancers from the beginning of the year to the event’s end. Responsibilities include registering dancers for the actual event, tallying the spirit point competition that takes place throughout the year at various check-ins, holding informational dancer meetings, staffing the medical and study rooms at the event, handling guest check-ins at the event for dancer's visitors and maintaining communication with registered organizations throughout the year to handle any questions and concerns. Dancer Relations also coordinates an in-depth delegate program ensuring dancers and organizations have updated and accurate information about all upcoming events, deadlines and Dance Marathon as a whole.
Entertainment Captains are responsible for booking entertainment for Dance Marathon, such as the DJ and organizing cameo presentations for the 26.2 hour event. As a team, Entertainment also provides music and performers at the events leading up to Dance Marathon, hosts and organizes a benefit concert and a talent show.
Family Relations Captains serve as the liaison between Dance Marathon and the Miracle Families. These responsibilities include contacting Miracle Families, organizing the pen pal program, soliciting hotel rooms, coordinating events with the Miracle Families and organizations and organizing the Family Day event in the fall. As a team, Family Relations also decorates the family room, organizes the Miracle Family talent show and keeps the Miracle Families entertained during the 26.2 hour event.
As a member of the Finance Team, you will work in close association with the Finance Overall Director on a variety of responsibilities, including financial oversight, funds processing, collections, and fundraising strategies. The finance team plays an integral role in the success of Dance Marathon at UF by ensuring that our total reveal is accurate up until the very last minute when the numbers are raised. The Finance team is also responsible for running dancer registration along with the Dancer Relations team. Alongside this, every Finance Captain will be responsible for all financial oversight for a handful of organizations. This oversight will require close relationships with both the delegates of those organizations and the corresponding Dancer Relations Captain.
Responsible for planning, soliciting, and serving a continuous and consistent flow of snacks and meals to the dancers including those with special dietary needs so as to maintain their motivation, stamina, and nutritional well being throughout the event. Also responsible for providing food for all community events prior to Dance Marathon and organizing benefit nights at local restaurants.

Responsible for advising and attending Dance Marathon at UF’s high school marathons. Also responsible for energizing and supporting these marathons by teaching the line dance and educating students on Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and DM at UF’s history and culture. Focuses on strengthening relationships with high schools around the state while helping them to plan and put on their marathons, as well as recruiting new high schools to join the dance marathon family. Additionally, Marathon Relations maintains relationships with other collegiate Dance Marathons by serving as a resource and hosting other collegiate dance marathons.

Other responsibilities include fostering a relationship with and overseeing communications and outreach with UF faculty and staff.

Responsible for designing a marketing scheme for Dance Marathon, soliciting the community and national businesses for monetary and in-kind donations and facilitating and providing the benefits of the Dancer Packages. Marketing organizes and runs the Dance Marathon Silent Auction during the event and sells all DM merchandise.
Being a part of the Morale Team includes many important responsibilities. These are creating, planning and executing "theme hours" which are essentially themed hours filled with games, activities and crafts to keep the dancers entertained and enthused. Morale is also responsible for keeping the spirit of Dance Marathon high, energetic and positive throughout the entire event and the entire year prior to the 26.2 hour marathon. Morale is also the design team behind the revered linedance, which inspires and connects everyone at the event. Morale is an esteemed, dynamic and integral part of the Dance Marathon team!
Responsible for communicating with the O'Connell Center staff prior to Dance Marathon and for security and strike at the event. Provides security during the event and maintains the orderliness and cleanliness of the O'Connell Center during the event. Ensures that permits are submitted on time for all of the events.
As a team, Public Relations is responsible for communicating Dance Marathon information to its publics while creating and maintaining positive relationships. Public Relations Captains are responsible for organizing creative campaigns to spread the word about Dance Marathon, strengthening the DM alumni program, help create promotional videos, hosting members of the media at Dance Marathon and managing social media outlets.
Responsible for the recruitment of Dancers, Captains and team members to participate in Dance Marathon. Recruitment Captains contact various campus organizations to explain the miracles Dance Marathon creates and how they can give back to their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Additionally, Recruitment Captains oversee the High School Dance Marathon program; a program that is spread throughout the state of Florida to raise awareness and help high school students give back. Prospective Recruitment Captains should be strong public speakers with outgoing personalities who love to spread the word of Dance Marathon to new publics.

The Dance Marathon Technology Team is divided into two distinct divisions: the Programming Division and the Video Production division.

The Programming Division is responsible for producing and maintaining custom applications designed to benefit Dance Marathon and its participants. This includes our custom iOS and Android applications, along with several PHP based web-apps. Experience in PHP, Objective-C, Java, and jQuery are useful for this position, although any programming background is sufficient.

The Video Production Division is responsible for producing all of our promotional videos and videos for the event itself. Experience in Adobe Premiere is preferred, although Final Cut is also sufficient.

At the event itself the programming division handles the audio/video production for the event along with maintaining any custom software that is in use. The video division handles documenting the event and producing our closing ceremonies videos.